About the Festival

About the Festival


A South African Workshop & Sharing

Mr. Steven Fisher & Dr. Rollo Dilworth, Workshop Leaders


What? UBUNTU! A South African Workshop and Sharing that requires NO PREPARATION. All music will be learned at the Workshop 🙂

When? Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018.

Where? Temple University Performing Arts Center

Why? To celebrate the centennial of Nelson Mandela

Who? Ages 10 to 100 are welcome. APPLY HERE with the 60-second UBUNTU! South African Workshop and Sharing Online Interest Form. (MAY 15th DEADLINE!) You will be notified of your invitation to participate on a rolling basis. First come first serve. The number of total participants for the Workshop is limited.

Rep? Invited choirs will learn three breathtaking South African pieces that Singers of all ages will love. They will be taught in a traditional manner, as South Africans learn them.